Bonlando: WordPress Web Development for hire.

I'll level with you. I have been working like mad on various projects over the past 10 years that I have not even had time to even entertain the idea of updating my personal portfolio. How embarrasing is this website? It's not even responsive! Alot has changed, I don't consider myself a designer and I don't even drink coffee anymore.

My love for new technologies is still here, and i've become somewhat of a niche developer in the WordPress area.

Now, I know everyone can be a WP “developer” by downloading and installing a theme. They’ll use the page builder that comes with it, not touching any code and sometimes sacrificing the designers concept with the limitations that come with the theme/page builder.

When I develop I start with a blank template and code in all the necessary components by hand, so that the look of the website matches that of the the designers. I’ll use custom JS and CSS to get things looking proper, and I usually integrate it with the Bootstrap framework so everything is perfectly responsive. Then, I’ll integrate each component into the CMS so that they can be reused on any page using a custom block. This makes it easy on the person doing the content editing/page building when I pass the website off to the client to maintain. With custom themes, I find there are way too many options and the client will almost always make the website stray away from the original concept and brand identity.

I do not plan on updating this website any time soon, but if you are a designer or a design firm looking for a developer with my particular set of skills, drop me a line and we'll see if we hit it off.